Top 5 Reasons to Host Your Company’s Holiday Party in January

by | Jan 1, 2024 | Events, Maven Space

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There is no doubt that the holiday season is upon us Mavens!

You can see it amidst the twinkling lights, festive cheer, and oh, your exhausting schedule. ‘Tis the season to celebrate, and as the year winds down, companies are gearing up for the annual ritual of hosting holiday parties. 

While December remains a classic, go-to month for company holiday parties, a new trend is emerging – January festivities that promise a refreshing twist to the traditional year-end revelry. Join us as we explore the top 5 reasons why January is the perfect month to gather your team, raise a toast, and kick off the new year.

  1. The more the merrier   

Between personal and professional commitments, December is always a whirlwind. Hosting your company party in January allows employees to fully engage in the celebration with minimal stress. Consider this:

  • Reduced scheduling conflicts
    • Family events, holiday festivities, and closing the year out all create a heavy schedule. By hosting in January, you are likely to have higher attendance, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to join in the jubilance.
  • Increased employee engagement
    • Giving employees something to look forward to creates excitement and anticipation, extending the joyous atmosphere beyond the standard holiday period. This will also lead to higher attendance and increased engagement. 
  • Avoid December stress
    • Set the tone and send a positive message to your team that work comes second to well-being by giving them time to focus on their loved ones. A January party allows everyone to unwind and enjoy the season without the added pressures of the holiday rush. 
  • Accommodate remote workers
    • Provide an opportunity for more employees to participate by giving remote workers or distributed teams a better chance to arrange travel plans. Or, consider organizing the party in a way that allows for virtual attendance. 


  1. Savings bigger than Black Friday 

Planning a holiday party in January allows for more time to organize a memorable event. Leverage off-peak discounts and free up your budget for other enhancements to create an even more exceptional event. Here are some advantages: 

  • Post-holiday decoration and supply sales 
  • Lower vendor prices due to decreased demand 
  • Less vendor competition 
  • Opportunity to reuse decor from home


  1. Be there with bells on

Why confine the holiday cheer to just one month? Extending the celebration into January allows your team to carry the festive season into the new year. Think of this:

  • Kick off the new year with positivity and unity 
  • Foster a sense of shared purpose 
  • Build camaraderie among colleagues 
  • Boost morale and excitement for the challenges and successes that lie ahead 


  1. Transcend tradition 

Red and green ornaments, sparkly silver garland, Santa hats, and the same old Christmas tunes- let’s admit it… it gets old very fast and thinking that doesn’t make you the Grinch! January provides an opportunity to explore unique and creative themes for the holiday party that go beyond traditional, overplayed holiday motifs. Moving further away from the Christmas date makes it easier to be less specific about denomination and fosters an inclusive community. Here are some theme ideas: 

  • New beginnings and resolutions 
  • Winter Wonderland 
  • Crystal ball masquerade 
  • Indoor picnic 
  • Game night 
  • Cultural celebration 


  1. Reflect and reset 

January is a natural time for reflection and goal-setting. Allow your team to look back on the previous year’s achievements, celebrate triumphs, and set the vibe for the upcoming year. This provides a platform for team members to share their aspirations, building a sense of unity and purpose. 


At Maven Space, we believe that starting the year with a bang can set the tone for success and camaraderie. 

We know we know… it seems unconventional. But choosing January for your corporate festivities comes with a sleigh-full of benefits. So, ring in the joy of the season with a celebration that goes beyond the ordinary. 


Welcome a new tradition of joy, unity, and a fresh start for your company’s merrymaking at Maven Space.

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