African American woman in white blazer and green pants on left chatting with caucasian woman in black pants and cream sweater sitting on couch in Maven Space


We’re stronger together.

On our own, it feels impossible to change careers, start businesses, expand our networks, and uncover resources. Maven Space offers amazing coworking spaces, powerful programs, and an inspiring network to spark your professional and personal growth.

Here you’ll gain access to:

An energizing & empowering environment.

At Maven Space you’ll find inspiration, collaboration, and connection with every inch purpose-built to meet your needs.

A community dedicated to supporting all women.

Mavens of all identities, orientations, and backgrounds are warmly embraced at Maven Space. 

A powerful professional network.

From business executives and startup entrepreneurs to creatives and civic leaders, our members comprise a vibrant network of support to blaze new trails and break new ground.

A place not just to work, but to thrive.

Sure, we’ve got a cafe, gym, and plenty of spaces to unwind, but this is also a place to socialize, restore, and build friendships.

A catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

You’re going to get work done. You’re going to propel to exciting new places. You’re going to become the best possible version of  YOU.

Let's do this!


Maven Space is…

A supportive sisterhood.

Our members look out for each other. Cheer each other on. Inspire each other. Empowered by empathy and a sense of belonging, our members are more likely to take bold action and discover new opportunities. 

A launchpad for your next venture.

Maven Space is where dreamers and doers will make the connections and find the resources they need to get their big business or civic ideas off the ground. It’s the perfect place for people who are ready to take that next big step in their professional lives.

A wildly diverse tapestry of women.

Our doors are wide open to ambitious women of all ages, economic and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Every individual is valued for their unique qualities, and is a vital thread in a larger tapestry that is greater than the sum of its parts.

women looking at a tablet
A young woman in an emerald green top sits at a cafe table in Maven Space next to a window as trucks pass by. A cup of coffee sits on the table. She has a magazine in one hand and a pen in the other.

Our Story

Inspiring Women

“I started Indy Maven because my co-founder and I saw (and experienced) a gap in the market. There were no major lifestyle outlets in Indianapolis creating content with women in mind. Maven Space was born out of a similar need—to create a community where women go to get the resources, support, and inspiration to do truly amazing things. 


I know what it’s like to feel disconnected and that you’re working on an island from day to day. Our Indy Maven members were feeling it too. Now we’ve made this vision come to life, bringing this community of women together in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.”

-Leslie Bailey, Maven Space Co-Founder


Leslie Bailey

Co-founder + CEO 

Leslie Bailey is the co-founder and CEO of both Maven Space and Indy Maven. Prior to launching the Maven brands she was the managing editor for AAA Crossroads magazine, lifestyle editor at Indianapolis Monthly, and a reporter for The Indianapolis Star where she penned a popular column called “The Adventuress.”

Originally from Michigan, she lives in the heart of the Indianapolis with her husband, three sons, and one very large slobbering dog. Her hobbies are cooking, reading, organizing (yes, really), and binging on all the TV shows and Masterclasses she can find time for.

Leslie Bailey