5 Ways to Celebrate a More Inclusive Mother’s Day

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Blog, Maven Space

Written by Hannah Dervin 

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s important to be mindful of the diversity among families and motherly figures in our communities.

Mother’s Day can evoke mixed emotions for many, so consider thinking of it as “Family Day” instead. This is more inclusive of every family’s structure and celebrates those who fill the roles of mothers, even in non-traditional ways. Family Day highlights the importance of valuing every family’s unique journey and recognizes that love transcends any gender, boundary, or tradition.

Whether you’re a working mom, a guardian who stepped up, or someone who just struggles on Mother’s Day, Family Day includes everyone. Join us in celebrating all mothers, including those embracing the roles of motherhood.

1. If you have a non-traditional mom in your life 

When we think of Mother’s Day, many of us think of traditional mothers. But there are countless other maternal figures out there. Some are non-binary, foster moms, step-moms, coaches, counselors, or guardians such as grandmas, sisters, aunts, family friends, etc. 

To celebrate, find ways to express your gratitude for their unwavering nurture and support. You could make a personalized scrapbook filled with all your favorite photos and memories, spend quality time with them doing an activity they love, or learn something new together by visiting your local event venue and attending a mixology class, paint and sip event, candle making class, or any other event that sounds fun.

Non-traditional maternal figures are just as worthy of celebration as traditional ones, making Family Day the perfect way to embrace the diversity in mothers.

2. If you have a friend who recently lost her mom

On a day dedicated to commemorating mothers, the grief of losing a mom is amplified. Go out of your way to show your friend how deeply they’re cared for and offer them as much support as you can.

Rather than sending a basic card and flowers, opt for something more meaningful. You could buy a tree and plant it in the mother’s honor, name a star after her, or donate to a charity in her name. This way, your friend is lovingly reminded of not only their mom but also how much they are cherished by the people in their life. 

Encourage your friend to embrace the love from those around them. Redefine Mother’s Day as a celebration of family. This allows them to honor their mother while being provided a sense of comfort on an otherwise lonely day.

3. If you know a woman who doesn’t have kids but wants them

Mother’s Day can be especially difficult if you’re a woman without children, whether intentionally or not. Show your support for her motherhood journey while also highlighting the invaluable roles other loved ones fill in her life by reaching out to her family and friends. 

Encourage her loved ones to write her thoughtful notes and then put them all into a jar. This will remind her of the abundance of love and admiration she has from those in her life. You could also plan a day of fun where you spend quality time while doing activities that she enjoys. Or maybe just let her know you’re thinking of her, invite her out, but don’t push her to attend. She may just want to stay home, so be conscious of her feelings and let her spend the day as she pleases.

Whatever you do, remind her of the amazing woman she is and how much she means to so many people.


4. If you know a family with two dads

Men who fill maternal roles are often overlooked on occasions like Mother’s Day. Even though they’re doing the work of both mom and dad, they aren’t receiving the same recognition. Family Day gives them the commemoration they deserve and embraces alternative forms of celebrations. It makes the day about loved ones rather than solely mothers, opening the door to a more inclusive environment.

While not all two-dad households may want to celebrate, be sure to let them know they’re appreciated for all that they do. You could send them a heartfelt card expressing your admiration, plan a family day of fun for them and their kids, or create a memory book loaded with photos, messages, and mementos from their loved ones. 

Highlight the beauty of familial love by gifting them something thoughtful that comes from the heart. Provide them with reassurance and validation, and never fail to remind them of just how great they truly are.


5. If you know a working mom who needs support

Traditional or not, every mom needs help sometimes. Juggling so many things at once can be exhausting, so giving her the chance to take a break is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Give her the gift of having a day off. Offer to take over her responsibilities for the day and let her spend it doing whatever she wants. Whether it’s driving the kids to practice, sending out work emails, walking the dog, or vacuuming the house, there never seems to be a time when moms aren’t working. You could also book her a spa or massage appointment, a mini getaway, or some other form of self-care. 

Let her unwind, recharge, and be reminded of how much she is loved.

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