Meet the Bold New Artists at Maven Space

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Maven Space, Updates

Written by Anna Barlow

It’s true, art is good for the soul.

Art is an integral part of Indianapolis and as Mavens, we love to support our local female artists. Adding art to your workspace is a wonderful way to brighten up the space and add a little spunk to the office. Your workspace isn’t the only place that needs art. It belongs everywhere.

“Maven Space is committed to uplifting and supporting local female and female-identifying artists in any way that we can,” said Karen Kennedy, Maven Space executive director. “We look for art that helps us cultivate the Maven Space vibe. At the beginning of January, we made a call-out for art and had an overwhelming response. We would’ve brought them all on if we could. Ultimately, we chose five new artists’ works to display. We can’t wait to bring on more artists in July.

Khaila King

Meet Khaila King. Khaila is a multimedia artist based in Indianapolis. She has two paintings now hanging at Maven Space that we are absolutely obsessed with.  “Blue Femme” and “Living in his Mind” are vivid portraits made with acrylic paint and an eye for creativity. Check out these pieces at Maven Space, located by the lending library, or check out Khaila’s platforms and purchase a piece of your own!

Ginger Pearson

Ginger Pearson, local to Indianapolis, works with many different mediums of art and has added a burst of colors to our space. Part of a two-piece series, Pan Feast’s Collection, these textured abstract paintings, “Pan’s Lagoon” and “Great Big Little Panther” are eye-catching additions to our wall. View Ginger’s art here: 

Ginger Pearson
Mayra Espino

Mayra Espino

This next artist’s work is a pop of color you literally cannot miss. Meet Mayra Espino, known as “The M Painting”, a visual artist local to Indy. Her acrylic paintings are packed with bright colors and shiny materials that can’t help but make you think of sweet summertime. See Mayra’s pieces at Maven Space, located by the Focus Room. Follow The M Painting or check her out here!

Britt Ritchie

Oil painter Britt Ritchie has several pieces with us. Britt is a local artist trained in design with a subsequent interest in oil painting. Her serene artwork is a colorful fusion of the abstract and botanical world. Find Britt’s pieces in the Focus Room and Content Studio.

Britt Ritchie
Sameena Jabeen Rao posing in front of her artwork at Maven Space

Sameena Jabeen Rao

Last, but definitely not least, Sameena Jabeen Rao is an Indianapolis-based photographer and artist. Sameena’s focus is on digital photography and abstract still lifes. These photographs provoke new perspectives and embrace creativity. Check out Sameena’s pieces “Who are We”  and “Identity and Light” in the Cafe.


We could all use a little more art in our lives. It’s a wonderful and powerful tool of expression. Original artwork doesn’t have to be out of anyone’s grasp or price range. The perfect piece is out there for everyone. By supporting local art, we are enriching our city and fostering uniqueness and creativity.

Maven Space is the ideal spot to spend the afternoon admiring art. With nearly 15,000 square feet of space, we have art surrounding all of our coworking spaces. Set up in the Focus Room or reserve a space in the Content studio to get some work done and check out our local art. Support these artists by buying their art from Maven Space or through their websites. 

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