MORE Magazine
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana

Meet Arianna Cruz, a 25-year-old wonder woman who resides in the fabulous Indianapolis area with her partner and dogs. As a creative strategist at Long-Sharp Gallery, she’s constantly unleashing her creativity and elevating the marketing game. She’s also the mastermind behind MORE Magazine, which stands for Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone. Her passion for education and inspiration inspired her to start this publication, calling on readers to get involved and make a difference in their communities.

In her free time, Arianna is always on the go! You can catch her hanging out with her friends, creating her own clothing, and rocking stunning outfits. She’s a big believer in supporting local businesses and trying new things that exercise her mind and body. Arianna is a true Renaissance woman, always eager to learn and grow in every aspect of life. Get to know her and watch her spread her magic everywhere she goes!

“I’m an Indy Maven member because I love the community that Mavens create for one another. Even when I’m not physically in the room, Mavens bring my name into the conversation, which is humbling and genuinely who the Mavens are.” – Arianna