Coleman Luxury Travel, Owner
First Internet Bank, Strategic Partnership Manager

Amanda Coleman is a luxury travel agency owner with over 10 years of experience planning vacations around the world.  She also works as a Strategic Partnership Manager at First Internet Bank where her focus is on Banking-as-a-Service.  Amanda enjoys staying busy and is also pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration while still managing to explore the world with her husband, Patrick, and two sons, Carmine and Nicholas.  Whether it is helping people plan their next adventure or listening to a startup with their dream, Amanda is excited to listen and see what’s next.

“Indy Maven has always been a space that I look to in order to find content about women empowering others.  Their events, newsletter and staff have always felt welcoming and helpful no matter what stage of life that you are in.  I am excited to be a part of the Operations Board to engage others throughout our community with such amazing women.”